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2 months to go! Can't wait! Hi mary!
06/27/2016, jim  Mt Carroll il,  USA
188 days :-)
02/25/2016, mary
This year was our first trip to OTR. We had a great time and cant wait to get back. Thank you to all the volunteers who made this all possible.
09/09/2015, Jay Ryun  kearney, MO USA
Wow! It was a hot one this year. Great show this year. Great concert Sunday night. Thanks to all who put the show on.
09/08/2015, Eric  Davenport , IA USA
Sad to see VERY little updates / photos on facebook and no live videos this year from OT, or even the trolley video. 3 photos yesterday from the parade that showed fire trucks and an ambulance...I can see that out my window everyday. I have watched these live videos for the last few years. My friend explained why Bradley the OT guy that did the OT video didn't come this year and that is understandable, but no one else couldn't do this? Or OT didn't think anyone cared? Guess if they don't care, why should I?
09/03/2015, Joe  Ohio,  USA
TOMORROW!! :-)))))
09/01/2015, Christina  Mount Pleasant, IA USA
Its almost here :-)
08/29/2015, mary
5 short days to go!!!!!
08/28/2015, J.R.  MT. Carroll, IL USA
OTR is almost here!!! Only 26 days to go!!! May be the coolest weather this year!
08/07/2015, J.R.  MT Carroll, IL USA
07/23/2015, charles shuman  rock falls, IL USA
07/23/2015, alice shuman  rock falls, IL USA
Only 186 days :-)
02/28/2015, mary
I work for a school district and the boss is retiring the end of February. One of our drivers has been to your museum and took pictures of the Blue Bird No. 1. Can you tell me anything about it?
02/18/2015, Lorrie Edens  Owensville, MO USA
O.T.R. gates officially open 30 weeks from today! Hang on Mary, it'll be here before you know it ... but never soon enough.
02/05/2015, J.R.  Mt.Carroll, IL USA
Only 225 days :-( can't wait hurry up and get here already :-)
01/20/2015, mary
I like this years old threshers see next year in 259 days.
12/17/2014, Tom Judd  Mt Plesasant, IA USA
320 days
10/17/2014, mary
I miss going to old threshers! Amazing every year. One day I will come back to visit again! ^.^ Hope everyone doing alright! I MISS YOU ALL!!!!!
10/03/2014, Jacqui Huester  Bear, DE USA
Yes Jr is was nice to meet you to and yes what are the odds that was to funny:-) see you in 362 days can't Waite
09/05/2014, mary
Old Threshers is the GREATEST!!! A family tradition that keeps getting better! A time to unwind and enjoy the best reunion ever! Thanks for all who volunteer their time and energy! Partng is such sweey sorrow. Until next time! PS: Nice meeting you MARY! What are the chances?! HA!
09/04/2014, J.R.  Mt Carroll, IL USA
Time to get a better social media person
09/04/2014, Kent  cedar rapids, IA USA
Only 364 days :-(
09/03/2014, mary
My wife and I had a wonderful time, its to bad that its over with. We look forward to it all year. Thank you to all the people that make the show possible. See you next year.
09/01/2014, Eric  Davenport , IA USA
Lions taco was superb
08/31/2014, L Schmitt  New London, IA USA
The guestbook has been cleared to include only comments from this years event. Enjoy!
08/28/2014, Old Threshers Staff  Mt. Pleasant, IA USA
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