The Wilma Bussey Doll Collection

Welcome to the Bussey Doll Collection. The dolls shown here are but a minuscule sampling of the collection, which spans the 1850s - 1970s. The collection numbers over 400 examples.

Mrs. Wilma (Nye) Bussey was married to Donald Bussey in 1939, in Bloomfield, Iowa. They were ardent visitors to the Old Threshers Reunion. Mrs. Bussey passed away in 1978. It was her fervent wish that her dolls not be separated. Don Bussey decided he would like them to be in Iowa and felt the Old Threshers Museums would be a fitting "home" for them. You will find Rose O'Neill's "Kewpie", a small "Googly", and "Chatty Cathy." The Hawkeye Doll Club & volunteers under the direction of immediate past Hawkeye president, and Bussey Collection curator, Glenna Voyles, have labored to repair, restore, and stabilize the dolls. Currently, approximately 150+ are exhibited. We have interesting displays, host seminars, workshops, etc., to help raise funds for securing permanent housing for the dolls. Any group desiring a program on the collection, please contact Midwest Old Threshers to make arrangements. We are happy to share the collection and anxious to display even more. These historic dolls are a wonderful acquisition for the Old Threshers Museum, and give the female visitors something to get excited about! Any donations for the "Doll Fund" are most welcome and appreciated.

34" Armand Marseille, mold 390, redressed by Mrs. Bussey. She has open-close eyes, composition child body, bisque head & original wig, exceptionally large doll. (Germany) circa 1890.

19" "Hanna" baby, made by Schoenau-Hoffmeister. Features bent-limb baby / toddler, body, open-closed mouth, sleep eyes, with original wig and clothing, and from the early 1900s. (Germany)

34" Simon Halbig for Kammer-Reinhardt. (90) Bisque head, all composition body, original wig, glowing glass blue eyes. She dates from around 1902-1911.

15" S.F.B.J. (Socie'te' Francaise de Fabrication Bebe's & Jouets de Montreuil-sous-Bois, 1899-1930's +) Wonderful early example of the French alliance. She is costumed in native finery.

18" Kammer and Reinhardt "Mein Neuer Liebling" (My New Darling) circa 1916-20's, featuring glass flirty eyes, open mouth, jointed arms and legs, and wearing an outfit made by a member of the Hawkeye Doll Club, using vintage fabric and pattern. The doll itself is all original. The subject of her seamstress skills is the 14" fat cheeked Kestner, circa 1910 on, bent-limb baby body, jointed at arms and legs, solid dome head, painted hair, glass eyes, and wearing original clothes. Both are German made.

13" Shirley Temple, manufactured by the Ideal Toy and Novelty Company of Brooklyn, N.Y., U.S.A.. circa 1930's. She is all composition and has glass eyes and original outfit from the movie "Bright Eyes."

17" Jumeau from Paris, France 1886. The marks on the head are "Depose' Tete' Jumeau, SDGD.,.VV,V. Her body is marked Bebe 'Jumeau Depose'. The makers were the Father & son team of Pierre and Emile Jumeau. She has an open-closed mouth, compelling paperweight glass eyes, pierced ears, jointed composition body, and with straight wrists.

12" "Buddy Lee" circa 1930's. He is of course the trademark doll of H. D. Lee Co., Inc. who made uniforms and work clothes. He is the all composition "engineer". Buddy Lee's friend, Mattell's "Barbie", joins him. She is the 1964 model and is NRFB, meaning Never Removed From Box! She has the blonde ponytail and of course wears her swimsuit and high heeled shoes. These two are accompanied by the unmarked 15" "Patsy" type doll. She is circa 1930. An All American Trio!

16" Bride is an Arranbee of the early 1950's. She is all hard plastic and boasts all original attire and wig. She is a "walker".Arranbee ,or R&B, dolls were made from 1922-1958, in New York, U.S.A.

30" China Head shown here is of the "Highland Mary" style. She is most likely German, from around the late 1860'-1870's. She has no cracks or chips and is quite impressive, both in size and appeal. Her body is cloth and she has beautiful china boots. She is posing in her coral colored and ecru lace trimmed gown, with her elegant & pale, "Parian" friend. The Parian has a beautifully molded fancy hairdo, and molded blouse shoulder plate. She has pierced ears, fancy boots, and a lovely velvet gown accessorized with a suitable necklace provided by Mrs. Bussey. She is from the 1860s-1870s period and from Germany.